In the vibrant 90s, 6000 km from my roots, my creative journey began in Nuremberg’s underground music scene. Early on, I captured behind-the-scenes moments, shaping a unique style. By 2004, I delved into band shoots, gaining recognition as a wedding and event photographer.

However, my true passion lies in unconventional and iconic art. This passion led to limited book releases and exhibitions across Germany. In 2008, a small home studio emerged, growing into “Ella Don The Studio” by 2012. Brands and runway shows sought my expertise, and I started teaching at my own photography school.

In 2015, the “ELLA DON ARTFACTORY” was born, fostering collaborations across artistic realms. The same year, Sky Sports enlisted me to tour with German soccer players, capturing moments with icons like Steve Wozniak and Joss Stone.

Fast forward to 2019, expanding my roles as a creative director, esports team member, and artist coach. Since 2022, I’ve ventured into NFT artistry, opening a new chapter. In summary, my story is a mix of highs, lows, and unwavering passion – a journey through the worlds of photography, art, and fashion.